4001761 Z-Hunter Zb-001 23in 17in & 9.5in Overall


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One blade might be good, but several blades are better, especially if you’re planning on facing down a zombie horde. That’s why this Z-Hunter survival blade collection is such a stellar set, because it has all the blades you’ll need to get by and thrive! this three-piece set includes a Trio of bladed weapons that combine the best features of many blades, all into three efficient items. The set includes a full-length machete, a trailsman machete, and a survival knife. The full-length machete features a blade with no curve, which lends it a measure of chopping power, similar to that of a meat Cleaver, while still featuring all the length of a traditional machete (making it ideal as your primary weapon). the serrations on the back and small gut-hook near the tip add utility to this weapon as well. The trailsman machete is shorter and features a broader blade with a wide hook on the back edge, as well as a flat, straight edge that is perfect for carving or chopping (this makes it a great U


  • Made of highest quality material
  • Manufacturer: Z-Hunter
  • Z-Hunter zb-001 23in 17in and 9.5in overall