Tenryu MC-3055 Hand Forged Samurai Sword 40.9-Inch Overall


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Bushido literally means “The Way of the Warrior” and our Bushido Samurai Katanas are the perfect tool for such Warrior Ways. Bushido was the way of life for the warrior in 13th-19th century Japan. This Bushido sword stands 41″ overall with a 28″ hand forged Damascus etching blade.


  • 40.9″ Inches Overall
  • 28″ Hand Forged, 10-Folds Layers For 1024 Carbon Steel
  • Real Ray Skin Handle Wrap Real Black Japanese Purple Silk
  • 11″ Oxidized Zinc Alloy Tsuba With Japanese Symbol
  • Includes Black Lacquer Finished Scabbard W/Sword Bag